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We value your time so we made the hiring process easier

You just need to

Simply put your requirements and start the end-to-end hiring process
Give & receive assignments through in-app chat
Ask candidates for video resumes and much more
Hiring made easy, time-saving & free

How does it work?

COLCO is a Full-Fledged Platform Ecosystem built so You Earn Money simply by saving your time

Get Automated Tailored Leads

Get Automated
Tailored Leads

ONLY of candidates
who are looking for
your job or a gig

Discuss & Close Vacant Positions

Discuss & Close
Vacant Positions

faster instead of
playing the old
way of e-mails

Track Real-time Candidate Status

Track Real-time
Candidate Status

whether they’ve got
another job offer or have just dropped their job search

Pay Freelancers


with 0%

*We deduct Payment Gateway (and Forex, if applicable) Charges nonetheless.



“COLCO is a great platform for businesses to hire talented people. So far we have put our requirements for hiring employees and COLCO staff is a great help to us in finding talent. .”

Smivedha Ayurvedic
Smivedha Ayurvedic

"COLCO is a great help in finding
the freelancer we are looking
for a photo shoot. The process for
hiring is very simple and we got the person within a week."


"COLCO is very easy to use platform. We loved the feature of recommendations. Once we put the requirement we got recommendations of candidates. Great platform, Keep it up!"

Available on

Download COLCO app from Play store
Download COLCO app from App store